Farmworker Awareness Week 2013 Panel Discussion

Posted by Robyn, March 31, 2013
The majority of American society is blind to the socioeconomic condition of farmworkers. Farm workers represent some of the most ardent and skilled workers in our labor force. Often, it is perceived that farm labor is unskilled, but no notion could be farther from the truth. Numerous crops which are harvested by farm workers based on seasonal cycles require deep knowledge of the crop, the harvesting methods for the particular crop and treatment of the crop after it has been harvested. Farm workers toil for daylong work shifts in order to complete the tasks that they are assigned, work periods of fourteen to sixteen hours are a commonplace. Yet despite the fact that farmworkers possess a deep knowledge of the harvesting process and demonstrate an outstanding work ethic, they are a mistreated by landholders, farmers, and other major stakeholders in agribusiness.The Human Rights of Farmworkers in American Life seeks to inform attendees of these issues and concerns that are faced by the farm workers. The speakers from the Samuel Proctor Oral history Program will take a multifaceted approach in order to inform the audience of the diverse concerns faced by farm workers today. The topics which will be covered include: the economic position of farmworkers healthcare and farmworkers, grassroots social organizing, and the current legal standing of farm workers. These topics will be discussed through the use of clips from interviews conducted with farmworker advocates and farmworkers themselves. There will be a Q&A session after the presentation so those concerned with any of these areas in particular may speak to the panelist presenting on that respective field.

Alachua County Downtown Library, Room A

via The Human Rights of Farmworkers in American Life: Farmworker Awareness Week 2013 Panel Discussion.

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