GOP can be part of climate change solution

Posted by Robyn, March 25, 2013

coalpowerA carbon tax bill that gives revenue back to households? Now we’re getting somewhere.

That’s what Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) placed on the table when she and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) announced plans to introduce “carbon-fee-and-dividend” legislation. Their proposal places a fee on coal, oil and natural gas at the first point of sale and then rebates a substantial part of the revenue to the public as monthly “dividends,” either by check or electronically.

At a press conference to introduce the Climate Protection Act, Boxer said her aim was to get legislation to the floor of the Senate by summer.

What could possibly be better? How about Republican support?

Without backing from some GOP lawmakers, the bill stands little chance of passage in the Senate, much less the Republican-controlled House. Unless it is bipartisan, any climate legislation — no matter its intention — amounts to little more than a gesture.

via GOP can be part of climate change solution : Stltoday.

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