Mass Visual Arts: Underground. March 29-April 7th 2013.

Posted by Robyn, March 12, 2013

Mass Visual Arts: Underground. March 29-April 7th 2013.

Gainesville, FL

Mass Visual Arts announces the opening of a new 10 day long art exhibition featuring artists from throughout the United States. This annual event presents a different theme each year based on input from artists and the general public.

This year’s theme is “Underground” and the artists were selected by a diverse jury based on their artistic merit and creative interpretation of the theme. The artists approached the theme both metaphorically and literally and a range of media will be displayed including painting, sculpture, photography, multimedia, woodwork and film/video.

Previous Mass Visual Arts exhibitions have opened to full capacity crowds (most recently, Below the Belt and American Dream) and the event is greatly anticipated by art enthusiasts in the North Florida region.

The exhibition will open with a reception for the artists and general public Friday March 29th, 2013 7pm to 11pm at the Wooly, next to the Top Restaurant (20 N. Main St, Gainesville, FL) in conjunction with Gainesville Artwalk. Admission is free and open to everyone.

A vernissage (private viewing) will be held on Thursday March 28th, 2013 and requires a pre-purchased ticket. Please see for more information.

The exhibition closes with a reception coinciding with the Spring Arts Festival, Sunday, March 7th, 2013.

Friday March 29th Artwalk 6-10pm, Saturday March 30th: 6-10pm, Sunday March 31st: 12-5pm, Monday
April 1st: 6-9pm , Tuesday April 2nd: 6-9pm, Wednesday April 3rd: 6-9pm, Thursday April 4th: 6-9pm, Friday
April 5th: 6-10pm, Saturday April 6th:10am-10pm, Sunday April 7th: 10am-6pm

List of participating artists:

Adrian Pijoan, Bill Perry, Chelsea Voss, Chris Coates, Cindy Moss Smith, Colin Curry, Constance Humphries, Dale Gunnoe, Dan Stepp, Danny Lyons, David Peck, Frog, James Lasley, Jasper North, Jeffrey Knee, Kana Handel, Karen Koegel, Lake Newton, Lane Kelman, Lauren Molina, Leela Corman, Margaret Tolbert, Megan Dunsil, Naheed Mojadidi, Neil McKinney, Nicholas Bustamante, Oliver Klicker, Rachel Iannelli, Rick Stepp, Sara Ann Brennan, Shawn Maschino, Tom Hart, Ye Su

Mass Visual Arts is a non-profit fine arts organization based in Gainesville, FL conceived by artists for artists. Our mission is to provide emerging, mid-career, and established contemporary fine artists with creative themed exhibitions presented to the burgeoning arts community in North Florida. Other forms of community based involvement include art related events such as visiting artists lectures, presentations, workshops, and fund-raising events.