20 Unusual Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Posted by Robyn, April 18, 2013

coconutoilHave you added coconut oil into your daily healthy and beauty routines, yet?

Coconut oil is an incredibly versatile item to stock in your pantry and among your toiletries. Its healthy fats bring with them a host of health benefits. Incorporate the following 20 uses into your lifestyle and you’ll know how to take care of daily rituals, from easily removing makeup to reducing frizz, and address health issues from Alzheimer’s to boosting hormone function.

Despite its saturated fat content, coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides that are shorter than those in animal fats, which means the body can metabolize them quickly and not store them on the body. Coconut oil’s fats are actually quite beneficial for the body. The oil contains nutritionally beneficial fatty acids: lauric, caprillic and capric acids. Lauric acid fights off bacteria and viruses, and coconut oil is the only source of it, apart from mother’s breast milk. Caprilic acid contributes to healthy digestion and balances bacteria in the gut, while capric acid has strong anti-microbial and anti-viral properties.

via 20 Unusual Ways to Use Coconut Oil | EcoSalon | Conscious Culture and Fashion.

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