Bay’s smallmouth bass under siege

Posted by Robyn, April 29, 2013

bassSmallmouth bass that draw hundreds of millions of dollars to the Chesapeake Bay region for sport fishing are sick, and many look too awful to ever mount as a trophy.

report released Thursday by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation says the fish, particularly those in the lower Susquehanna River, have been struck by a perfect storm of pollution, parasites, disease and endocrine disruptors that are changing the sex of males.

The foundation is calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to designate a 98-mile stretch of the river as “impaired” under the federal Clean Water Act, “and a decision is due any day,” said William Baker, the foundation’s president. If the EPA makes the designation, Pennsylvania could be forced to require farms and cities to limit nitrogen and phosphorous pollution that runs into the bay more aggressively than the current cleanup plan that is set to run until 2025.

via Bay’s smallmouth bass under siege, report says – The Washington Post.

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