Crisafulli wants a freeze on local fertilizer ordinances

Posted by Robyn, April 2, 2013

crisafulliRep. Steve Crisafulli has proposed a two-year moratorium on local ordinances that put stricter rules on fertilizer use than what the state recommends.

There is no bill yet, but under Crisafulli’s proposed legislation, the moratorium would run until the middle of 2015, and a 13-member commission would be appointed to review local ordinances statewide to make sure they jibe with what science deems best for the environment.

If it becomes law, Crisafulli’s proposal would nullify Rockledge’s fertilizer ordinance, which passed March 20.

Crisafulli, who is scheduled to become speaker of the Florida House following the 2014 elections, said the primary goal is not to retroactively change what cities and counties have done. Only a few municipalities would be impacted by a moratorium, he added, those that went stricter than a state “model” ordinance.

“It’s really about moving forward,” said the Merritt Island Republican, who’s also chairman of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Subcommittee. He said more data that will become available in the next year-and-a-half will help better guide Florida’s fertilizer rules.

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