LA To End Use Of Coal By 2015

Posted by Robyn, April 25, 2013

LAIn a major step toward ending the city’s reliance on coal by 2025, the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday approved a far-reaching plan to amend its agreement with the Intermountain Power Project in Utah to convert it to renewable energy.

The 12-0 vote instructed the City Attorney’s Office to prepare the final ordinances needed to amend the city’s agreement with its partners at the IPP and begin the process to transform the coal-powered plant to allow use of natural gas, wind and solar power to generate the power needed for the city.

City officials said they need to begin the work to make the conversion as state and federal laws require all utilities to begin using renewable sources of energy to get off coal, which produces more pollution even as it is cheaper to use to generate power.

“There is a conflict between cost and the environment,” said Councilman Paul Krekorian. “It is part of the struggle going on throughout the world as we get off a coal-based economy. We cannot look too narrowly at the cost…because it does not take into account the health costs throughout the world.”

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