A Bid to Put Money Behind Slow Food Movement

Posted by Robyn, May 4, 2013

slowThe Slow Money National Gathering in Boulder, Colo., brought together small and local food enterprises with financiers as an antidote to big agriculture.

As venture capitalists increasingly bet on food start-ups, Slow Money, a nonprofit that catalyzes the flow of capital to small and local food enterprises, supports what Mr. Tasch called the heroic grunts: the food producers and their fiduciary counterparts, or “food-ish-iaries,” committed to healing and investing in a broken system, either through manpower or money.

“We’re planting the seeds of nurture capital,” he said, an industry, he acknowledged, “that does not quite exist yet.”

Mr. Tasch, the chairman emeritus of the Investors’ Circle, a nonprofit network of angel investors, venture capitalists and foundations, established Slow Money on the heels of his 2008 book “Inquiries Into the Nature of Slow Money: Investing as if Food, Farms, and Fertility Mattered.” Inspired in part by the slow food movement led by the Italian Carlo Petrini, Mr. Tasch envisioned his own movement as an antidote to big agriculture.

via A Bid to Put Money Behind Slow Food Movement – NYTimes.com.