Background Checks Died Because GOP Didn’t Want To Help Obama

Posted by Robyn, May 2, 2013

Senate Candidates Pat Toomey And Joe Sestak Debate In PhiladelphiaSen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) revealed that some members of his party opposed expanding background checks for gun sales recently because they didn’t want to “be seen helping the president.”

Two weeks ago, only three Republican senators voted for the bipartisan background checks amendment sponsored by Toomey and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), despite overwhelming popular support for such a measure.

“In the end it didn’t pass because we’re so politicized. There were some on my side who did not want to be seen helping the president do something he wanted to get done, just because the president wanted to do it,” Toomey admitted on Tuesday in an interview with Digital First Media editors in the offices of the Times Herald newspaper in Norristown, Pa.

via Pat Toomey: Background Checks Died Because GOP Didn’t Want To Help Obama.

Really? Is this how the government “for the people” works now? Let them fail. ~ trish*