Green Drinks + Cinema Verde Film Screening JUNE 5

Posted by Gabe Marchisio, May 24, 2013

Cinema Verde Merges with Green Drinks to Present Film at Gators 4 Cinema

May 23, 2013
CONTACT: Trish Riley, 352-327-3560,


Cinema Verde Environmental Film Festival merges with Green Drinks to feature environmental films at Gators 4 Cinema in the Oaks Mall Plaza, slated to reopen its doors this month. The first Cinema Verde film screening will be held June 5, in conjunction with a Green Drinks Gainesville meeting. Everyone interested in environmental issues and sustainable solutions is welcome to join—and please bring a friend.

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 “The goal of Cinema Verde and Green Drinks, our sustainable networking group, is to broaden the reach of environmental information so people will learn about how we can protect the natural beauty around us to benefit our children and future generations,” said Trish Riley, director of Cinema Verde. “We’re hoping that moving from downtown to this west side location will make it easier for families to come dine and learn with us.”

Celebrations Catering will be on hand to offer appetizers, dinners and drinks so audiences can relax and have a night off while making new friends. Riley will select from among the award-winning films screened at Cinema Verde film festival in February and will also present some newer films which have not previously been screened at the festival, such as The Island President, the film planned for June 5. The Island President is about the former President of the Maldives who gained fame at Copenhagen for his fight to protect the island nation from sea rise due to climate change. More than just a fascinating story about a charismatic fellow in a faraway place, The Island President should be of interest to our community: Parts of coastal Florida are also expected to be underwater in less than 50 years. The Miami Herald recently wrote that “It could happen faster than experts predicted only a few years ago—with a damaging two-foot rise potentially coming in less than 50 years, not the next century.”

Please plan to join us and help bring this essential information to our community and support those working in sustainable ventures to create a healthier future. Tickets may be purchased online at

 Thank you!

Press materials for Island President:

Join Us! June 5, 6 – 9 p.m. Dinner and a Movie:

AT: Gators 4 Cinema, 6741 Newberry Road – Oaks Mall Plaza, Gainesville, FL 32605

SCHEDULE June 5, 6 – 7 p.m.: Green Drinks – Celebrations Catering will offer drinks and dinner choices for sale – a percentage of the proceeds support Green Drinks and Cinema Verde, so please plan to enjoy dinner and a film! Local announcements will be held in the theater 6:45 – 7 p.m.
7 – 8:40 Cinema Verde Presents Island President
8:40 – 9-15 p.m. Film Discussion with Dr. Susan Cameron Devitt, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Dept. at the University of Florida.


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    Green Drinks + Cinema Verde Film Screening JUNE 5: Cinema Verde Merges with Green Drinks to Present Film at…

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    Green Drinks + Cinema Verde Film Screening JUNE 5: Cinema Verde Merges with Green Drinks to Present Film at…

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    This is collaboration is such a great idea!!! I’m looking forward to it!

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    We’ll see, Bill! I sometimes imagine a future when we’re all rueing the joy of our smart phones, but I hope that’s not the case!

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