No shortage of green solutions for a better kind of oilsands

Posted by Robyn, May 7, 2013

oillobbyBut there appears to be an overarching problem in execution, which suggests a reluctance to deviate from the status quo and create the space for genuine environmental leadership and innovation.

Take for example the burst of activity and debate sparked by recent media reports that Alberta was considering strengthening its approach to managing greenhouse gas pollution. While making conciliatory statements in the U.S. about the need to do more on climate change, Alberta has since been backtracking at home, hounded by political and industry opposition that takes the view that modest improvements in Alberta’s climate policy threaten our competitiveness. Ironically, it’s because the oilsands are environmentally uncompetitive that Alberta faces such challenges to accessing markets for oilsands exports.

The Alberta government appears paralyzed between meeting two incompatible objectives — reassuring our international customers, who are urging us to do more to clean up the oilsands, and responding to the energy industry’s relentless lobbying at home to maintain the status quo.

via Opinion: No shortage of green solutions for a better kind of oilsands.

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