Palisades Nuclear Power Plant Shut Down

Posted by Robyn, May 12, 2013

aerial photograph of Palisades Nuclear Generating Station Covert Township MichiganPalisades Nuclear Power Plant in southwestern Michigan was taken offline Sunday after operators discovered a leak from a water tank. Although the tank has leaked twice in less than a year, officials say there is no immediate risk.

“There is no impact on the health and safety of plant employees or the public,” a spokeswoman for the Entergy plant said, according to the Associated Press.

NRC officials estimate “79 gallons of ‘slightly’ radioactive water” flowed into Lake Michigan over the weekend, explained Michigan Radio. Officials reportedly don’t know exactly how radioactive the leaked water was.

The Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim previously reported that a Republican-appointed regulator was being investigated last year for attempting to thwart an NRC probe into safety concerns at Palisades. NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko toured the plant in May 2012, while “a significant leak of potentially radioactive water was pouring into the control room.”

via Palisades Nuclear Power Plant Shut Down After Water Leaks Into Lake Michigan.