Paul Shapiro: First Ag-Gag, Now the Name Game

Posted by Robyn, May 3, 2013

pig-gestation-cratesIndustrialized animal agribusiness is facing a crisis, and its leaders, having failed to accept that factory farming practices are actually at the root of the problem, are frantically looking in every direction for quick fixes. While they procrastinate, they are only digging a deeper hole for themselves.

Stunned by repeated whistleblowing exposés revealing inhumane treatment of animals throughout the meat, egg and dairy industries, big ag lobbyists are working to enact “ag-gag” laws criminalizing these undercover investigations. In short, they’re working to prevent Americans from finding out about animal abuse, rather than working to prevent the abuse. They may not be literally shooting the messenger, but they do want to imprison her.

Similarly, a new and revealing column by pork industry veteran Linden Olson unashamedly advises fellow producers to simply change the way they talk about their most abusive practices, rather than changing the practices themselves.

via Paul Shapiro: First Ag-Gag, Now the Name Game.

So incredibly horrifying.  ~ trish*