Photographer’s Lapland journey highlights global warming –

Posted by Trish Riley, May 20, 2013

roger-moukarzel-profile-lapland-horizontal-galleryCNN — If Roger Moukarzel’s camera could talk, it would have some colorful stories to tell. From the front line of the Lebanese wars, to the bewitching fashion houses of Italy and France, the Beirut-born photographer has crossed every continent in search of the perfect picture… For 15 years he worked for news agencies Sygma and Reuters, capturing the spectacle and chaos of combat… Swapping the battlefield for haute couture…  Moukarzel swapped the baking streets of his home in Beirut for the glacial forests of Lulea in northern Sweden, more popularly known as the reindeer haven of Lapland.Here he would fuse his experience of both documentary and fashion photography to create a series of staged images that tell the story of how climate change is impacting the life and landscape of the Sami — an indigenous people who live across four nations in northern Europe.

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