Raw Food Potluck

Posted by Robyn, May 11, 2013

Gainesville Raw Food Potluck is a group of people (everyone is invited) that meet monthly to share fellowship, food, recipes, and information about raw foods and related topics. RAW FOOD includes all un-cooked fruits, vegetables/leafy greens/herbs, un-roasted nuts, seeds, whole grains & seaweed. From these basics, we can make a variety of specialty foods, including smoothies, soups, sprouts, nut cheeses, flat-breads, crackers, cookies & pies! Some of these items are dehydrated at low temperatures. Fermented foods are especially healthy for the gastrointestinal tract, such as raw veggie-kraut, seed & nut cheeses, and “rejuvelac” (sprouted whole grain beverage)… Everyone is welcome to attend the Gainesville Raw Food Potluck.

PARKING: Please park in large lot on left just prior to the Seraphim Center BRING: An entree, salad or dessert to feed 8 to 10 people– WITH serving utensil, please !PLUS $1.00 facility fee… Please bring your own plate, silverware, & water bottle (if you wish). CALL for questions to Jackie: 378-6617… HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!! Check out the website www.gainesvillerawfoodpotluck.​com.

The New Seraphim Center, 1234 NW 14 Ave (one block east of NW 13 St) — IN THE ANNEX BUILDING (set-back & adjacent to main sanctuary)


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