Start your garden!

Posted by Christine, May 2, 2013

Pattie Baker has a goal:

Patie Baker's garden

I’m trying to encourage the creation of 50 new food pantry gardens by my 50th birthday (around August 1). I offer tips and shout-outs.  It doesn’t have to be big–a pot of herbs or a 4×8 raised bed counts (and then just see what grows from there!). See here for my call-to-action.

There are no rules or anything like that. Just a public attempt to help folks get started doing what you may have been wanting to do anyway.

See Growing for–and with–Those in Need, Made Easy for some tips to get you going. See The Naked Truth about Hunger for more helpful info (and some fun photos). And let’s see what grows . . .

Email me at with a link to something about your new food pantry garden and I’ll shout it out throughout social media and on this blog (over 30,000 page views a month), and will include it in the tally. We’re all in this together–let’s celebrate each garden’s success.

Who will start another new garden?  Will it be you?

Learning as I grow,

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