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Posted by Trish Riley, June 12, 2013


Thanks to Lily Wan, one of the print editors at The Fine Print, for her continuing coverage of the Koppers Superfund site and for sending this story along to us:


The residents won’t plant, let alone eat, fruits or vegetables grown in their own backyard. They have been warned not to. The Florida Department of Health has advised anyone who comes in contact with the area’s soil or creek water to immediately and thoroughly wash their skin…

Beazer East has resolved to remove six to 12 inches of soil on the affected properties and replace it with new soil. The properties will also be re-landscaped according to the owner’s preferences.The contaminated soil will be moved across the fence to reside on the Koppers Superfund site under a “low-permeability cap/cover over the consolidation area,” as the decree states, to protect against rain leaching and contaminant migration…

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