David Guest: Legislature could stop algae outbreaks, but . . .

Posted by Gaby T, June 29, 2013

Thanks to Jim Wurster for sharing this one:


A few miles from Florida’s state Capitol, a lake has broken out with toxic algae that causes skin rashes and liver damage in humans and kills wildlife. I wish I could tell you this was an isolated case.

The fact is, hundreds of manatees, dolphins, birds, and fish have been washing up dead on both the east and west coasts. Those waters are fouled by sewage, manure, fertilizer, and sewage — pollution that fuels algae outbreaks.

How bad is it? Take a look:

In Southeast Florida’s Indian River Lagoon, algae outbreaks are causing what Discovery News calls a “mass murder mystery” — a dead manatee floats up about every two weeks. The tally there since last summer is over 111 manatees, along with more than 46 dead dolphins and 300 pelicans.

via June 26 News: David Guest: Legislature could stop algae outbreaks, but . . . | Sun Sentinel

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