Fracking accident leaks benzene into Colorado stream

Posted by Robyn, June 7, 2013

parachute-coloradoOnce again, Colorado’s fracking boom has residents wondering if there’s something in the water — carcinogenic benzene, in this case. A plant for fracked natural gas processor Williams Energy, near Parachute, Colo., spilled an estimated 241 barrels of mixed natural gas liquid into the ground, some of which eventually washed as benzene into Parachute Creek.

More than two months after the spill was discovered, neighbors of the plant are wondering why the energy company is being put in charge of the cleanup — and why the state has failed to issue any fines.

Benzene levels in Parachute Creek rose above a safe-to-drink 5 parts per billion following the spill, which was caused by a faulty pressure gauge on a four-inch pipeline.

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  1. Brack Barker Says:

    Tarmac Mines released benzene into the groundwater in Dade county as part of their Miami Lakes mining operation. But said it wasn’t a problem.

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