HBO VICE Tackles Climate Change

Posted by Gaby T, June 4, 2013


HBO original series VICE featured Maldivian ex-president and environmental campaigner Mohamed Nasheed in its episode addressing climate change. Hosted by a team of truth-seeking reporters, the documentary-style television series tackles controversial issues that are often underreported or overlooked in mainstream media. Episode 8’s “The World is Sinking” addresses the effects climate change has made throughout the globe including the Maldives.

Made up of 1,192 islands, the Maldives remains at risk of sinking into the Indian Ocean. When Mohamed Nasheed was elected president of the Maldives in 2008, he immediately took action to protect the low-lying island nation from sea rise. Within a decade, the island became carbon-neutral by moving to wind and solar power.

Nasheed caught the globe’s attention when his cabinet met in scuba diving gear for the world’s first underwater cabinet in 2009. He has campaigned for the Maldives, reminding the public that Manhattan is as low as Maldives island, Malé. He is also responsible for the Climate Vulnerable Forum, an association of countries affected disproportionately by climate change.

“The Maldives has become the poster child for the climate reform movement because what’s happening today in the Maldives is in the mail for the rest of the world,” narrated VICE founder, Shane Smith.

Mohamed Nasheed is the focus of “The Island President,” a 2011 documentary film about the ex-president’s fight to protect the Maldives from sea rise due to climate change.

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