Cutting Carbon Can Be a Company’s Best Investment

Posted by Gaby T, July 9, 2013


Climate change activists and advocates for greener buildings and commerce haven’t had much luck pushing carbon-capping measures on Capitol Hill, so they are turning to the private sector. And the script is no longer “save the world”; it’s “save your income statement.”

The World Wildlife Fund issued a report highlighting massive savings to be wrung out of carbon-reduction measures, from self-dimming lights to factories plastered with solar panels. In it, WWF President Carter Roberts said the target audience for the report is chief financial officers: “The profound frustration we feel is that government is not taking the kind of decisions necessary to address one of the greatest risks of our time, and so all eyes turn to the private sector.”

Corporate projects to reduce carbon provide a higher return on investment than total capital spending for roughly 80 percent of large U.S. companies, according to WWF and McKinsey, a co-author on the report. The two called out a few companies, in particular, that are doing well by doing good.

via June 20 News: Cutting Carbon Can Be a Company’s Best Investment | Bloomberg

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