Farmer’s markets: How does this work?

Posted by Christine, August 11, 2013

Michael Ruhlman writes on his blog:

Toward the end of Forrest Pritchard‘s memoir Gaining Ground, about his becoming a livestock farmer, he writes a chapter that I want to call attention to, and expand on, as we are now at the height of farmers’ markets, and this is in fact national farmers market week. I requested a Q&A to address continual questions he gets from friends and customers.

Forrest, why is food at the farmers’ market so expensive?!

I don’t have time to shop at the farmers’ market, given when they’re open.

Did you see the New York Times op-ed arguing that raising grass-fed beef was not sustainable, and that the only way to move forward is to drastically reduce consumption?

What’s your final message to people who buy fresh food?

Any other questions you get tired of answering? He answers four of them on his own blog.

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