Cultured Meat and Horse Sense

Posted by Gaby T, September 3, 2013


Sergey Brin, the Google founder, innovator, and billionaire, craved a burger, but wanted to hold the suffering and the slaughter. Yesterday, the news broke that Brin – a primary driver in one of the most revolutionary developments in the modern era, developing new ways of aggregating information and searching for it – funded research to create meat in a laboratory setting by growing animal tissue from stem cells. In short, he has designs for a new way of growing meat, without the killing, the inefficient use of feed grains, and the waste generated by billions of animals. He said the high costs of meat, especially when it comes to the environment, are not workable for our society.

And yesterday, the slaughter lines didn’t get revved up in Sigourney, Iowa, or Roswell, N.M. – but it wasn’t as a consequence of a scientific breakthrough. It was a legal proceeding that stayed slaughter. On Friday, a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order, in favor of The HSUS and Front Range Equine Rescue, along with New Mexico Attorney General Gary King, former Governor Bill Richardson, and Robert Redford, and halted horse slaughter plants from opening operations in the United States for the first time in six years.

via August 6 News: Cultured Meat and Horse Sense | Humane Society Blog

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