Airports as food education hubs

Posted by Christine, March 4, 2014

James Godsil writes:

Dear All,

I would like to co-author a long letter introducing the concept of Airports
and Intermodel Hubs as “World Universities,” with a start up focus on food
sovereignty and water stewarding.
Hope for one “partner” from this great group of 7,000!

Dear Editors:

The primacy of food and water, and the miracle of the Internet,  have
inspired an emerging global community of highly linked experiments of
enormous possibility.  These applied science adventurers and ecopreneurs
cross many boundaries in open source initiatives in urban and permaculture
agriculture, aquaponics, water management and stewarding, energy
innovations, and public health elevation.  My experience with aquaponics
and urban agriculture since 2005 suggests the possibility of some dramatic
breakthroughs, equal to Michelle Obama’s White House Garden  and Let’s Move
initiative and Will Allen’s MacArthur Genius and Time 100 recognition.

*University Of Humanity And Aquaponics As Public Art At World’s Airports*

We now have the capacity to not only provide ping pong tables, wi fi, and
other amenities at the world’s airports, but also digital kiosks,
simulation galleries, MOOCs, Makers Spaces, and hands-on aquaponics as
public art experience.

*Aquaponics As Public Art In Airports*

*Hands On Simulations* *of Water Cycle*

*Mitra’s Hole in the Wall Participatory Pedagogy*

*E-Choupal Digital Kiosks*

What say?

Why not?


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