Start a herd of heritage cattle!

Posted by Christine, April 17, 2014

Please pass the word along to friends & family and help us get these cattle placed.

roan calfDue to the extended drought in the American west, the Albaugh registered herd of Native Milking Shorthorns located in Nevada will be reduced before the end of April.

This is a rare opportunity to purchase some of the finest Native Shorthorns in the country. They have proven superior meat qualities verified by independent lab testing and are 100% grass genetics that fatten and finish on grass. The cattle have been selected to be extremely gentle natured and the cows still retain excellent milk production. These cattle should perform well in most of the US except in areas with a combination of both high heat and high humidity. More information about the breed can be found here.

Native Milking Shorthorns are currently listed as ‘Critically Endangered’ on the Conservancy’s priority list and these cattle are important for conservation purposes. For more information contact Norris Albaugh 775-434-3316.

Thank you for helping with our conservation efforts,
The Livestock Conservancy Team

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