President Obama, Go Big or Go Home

Posted by Mike Confino, August 29, 2014


There’s an old saying in surfing: Go big or go home. There is no room for nuance or cerebral calculations when you charge large. For six years, President Obama has worked against an obstructionist party in Congress. Government feels broken because a group of legislative terrorists are breaking it. Obama could win or lose the Senate in the fall as things stand and turnout will make the difference. There is a sizable portion of our population that is eligible to vote but chooses not to. Whether they feel disenfranchised, apathetic or are aloof, their inaction comes at a great cost to our supposedly participatory democracy. They’ve been convinced their vote won’t matter or make a difference by the same people spending billions on voter suppression. In the last 20 years, voter participation hovered around 60 percent in national elections and just above 40 percent in the midterms. Those who don’t vote number in the tens of millions so that even a small number of those who decide to get involved can make a huge difference.

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