The Rick Scott record: an environmental disaster

Posted by Mike Confino, September 9, 2014


For the last 50 years, Florida’s governors have been reasonably responsible stewards of the state’s fragile environment. They initiated efforts to clean up rivers and bays, buy and preserve millions of acres of sensitive land, manage growth and preserve the Everglades. Developers and agricultural interests still got their way too often in the state’s boom-or-bust economy, but Tampa Bay is cleaner and more land is protected from development than a generation or two ago. In just four years, Gov. Rick Scott has put those accomplishments at risk.

via Editorial: The Rick Scott record: an environmental disaster | Tampa Bay Times.

  1. Linda Stanton Says:

    Seems to me that the city commissioners have it all laid out–Years and years ago—- and the citizens get to pay & surprised after it is all a DONE deal! I listen to the county commissioners and other than Sue Susan Baird they are all worthless— Puppets—-the worst being Mike Byerly— he absolutely is following someones script!! Sue & I fall off our chairs at the same rate!! Nothing I am listening to has anything to do with preserving any natural lands… Does not Mention Rick Scott ever— should not the city planners be concerned with how they are treating our lands also?? Does any one care that city planners are buying up properties at small prices then pretending to develope them for millions in phase I & billions in phase II?? Done Deal…….Take a look at Canterbury, Fairgrounds, & Property off Waldo Road! Done Deal— Phase I — $14.1 Million– once again Eastside Developement gets overlooked!! #rickscott

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