Activists urge Americans to vote ‘climate’

Posted by Mike Confino, November 1, 2014


Environmental activists, backed by a billionaire philanthropist, have launched an unprecedented campaign to push voters to elect leaders this November who are willing to confront global warming.

The project, called NextGen Climate Action Committee, is intended to bring climate change to the forefront of American politics, environmentalists say. The nonpartisan group, founded by philanthropist Tom Styer in 2013, is on track to spend more than $55 million during election season — an unparalleled amount for an environmentalist group.

“This November, it’s time for us to take a stand,” NextGen said on its website. “For far too long, special interests like Big Oil have operated with impunity, polluting our skies and our water, suppressing renewable energies like wind and solar, and contributing to a rapidly changing climate.”

via Activists urge Americans to vote ‘climate’ | Al Jazeera America.

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