Facing Rising Sea Levels, Boston Ponders Canals

Posted by Mike Confino, November 14, 2014


With the specter of rising sea levels threatening many metropolises worldwide, cities are starting to rethink what their future might look like. And in Boston, that future might look a little bit like Venice, canals and all.

A nonprofit research group, the Urban Land Institute (ULI), recently released a report which outlines Boston’s options for dealing with rising waters. The sea level in Boston is currently rising at a rate of 0.11 inches per year. That may not seem like much, but eventually it could cause major, costly problems for the coastal city — especially in the event of large storms like Hurricane Sandy. ULI offers numerous suggestions, including constructing artificial reefs, marinas, and algae farms; reconfiguring utility and drainage systems in low lying areas to accommodate floodwaters; and building seawalls and dunes.

via Facing Rising Sea Levels, Boston Ponders Canals | Popular Science.

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