UF promotes sustainability programs on campus

Posted by Mike Confino, November 8, 2014

By Ariana Brasman


UF strives to keep campus and the Gainesville community as preserved as possible with the resources made available to students through the Office of Sustainability.

Sustainability balances individuals within their natural environment. Sustainability is encompassed in everyday life through simple things such as transportation, grocery shopping and decision making.

The Office of Sustainability offers volunteer opportunities and holds events including “Bleed Orange and Blue, Live Green,” which aims to educate students about recycling techniques and food recycling through hands-on activities.

Students learned paper towels are a product to take notice of when going grocery shopping.  Generally, white paper towels are bleached with chemicals to dye it, said Maegan Muir, an environmental science major interning at the Office of Sustainability.

“The purpose for dyeing the paper towels is aesthetics,” Muir said.

Sustainability even takes place on campus. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium composts and recycles all trash and does not use a landfill.

“UF is pushing towards the first no-waste stadium in the whole SEC,” said Allison Vitt, outreach communications coordinator at the Office of Sustainability.

Sustainability on campus is continuo­usly growing. Choice in paint color can influence the demand for lighting. White paint verses black paint would create more light in the room, which reduces demand for light.

“A wall painted white is reflective and the lamp will bounce off the white wall,” said Pierce Jones, an extension program leader for energy programs and an outreach professor at UF.

“The thoughtfulness of moderation,” Jones said, can improve sustainability on campus. The little things like walking instead of driving can help keep our community sustainable for future generations. ­

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