It’s Time to Start Building Wooden Skyscrapers

Posted by Mike Confino, December 13, 2014

wooden skyscraper

In 2023, Swedish architecture firm C.F. Møller will transform the Stockholm skyline—and perhaps the very notion of skyscrapers. Last December, the designers won a competition organized by HSB Stockholm to honor the local real estate titan’s upcoming centenary with an ostentatious new high-rise. Møller submitted three flashy, modern designs, but the public latched onto one in particular that will sound, to many, intuitively insane: a thirty-four story tower made almost entirely out of wood, save for a spindly concrete core and a few steel poles on the ground floor. If constructed, the tower will be the largest mostly-wooden structure in the world. But rather than a one-off, it could be the clarion call needed to rouse the public around a new architectural trend.

via It’s Time to Start Building Wooden Skyscrapers.

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