5 Ways Your Tech Will Go Green in 2015

Posted by Mike Confino, January 3, 2015


Solar panels, electric cars, high-efficiency washing machines — these are the “green,” or earth-friendly, technologies that you probably see every day. But there are also many lesser-known tech devices out there designed to reverse the negative effects of human activity on the environment. And in 2015, you can expect to see some of these under-the-radar technologies entering into the mainstream, according to experts.

The newest wave of green technologies is aimed at the average, environmentally conscious person, and features products and services that will give consumers greater control over the carbon footprints of these tech devices. From apps that let you know where you can buy the most sustainably grown vegetables to remote-control windows that shut out heat on demand, here are some green technologies that could take off in 2015.

via 5 Ways Your Tech Will Go Green in 2015.

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