Copenhagen’s climate-change adapted neighborhood

Posted by Mike Confino, January 27, 2015


Come hell or high water, the residents of St. Kjeld, a Copenhagen neighborhood, will be ready. Actually, skip the hell part. But when the next megastorm hits the Danish capital, St. Kjeld’s residents should be safe and dry. That’s because as of December, they live in the world’s first climate-change-adapted neighborhood.

“St. Kjeld’s transformation shows what can be done if you take climate change seriously,” says Morten Kabell, Copenhagen’s deputy mayor in charge of environment and technology. In truth, after a catastrophic cloudburst in 2011 that resulted in damage of about $1 billion, this windy port city had little choice but to find ways of protecting itself.

via Copenhagen’s climate-change adapted neighborhood | Al Jazeera America.

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