Teens Take Politicians To Court Over Climate Change

Posted by Mike Confino, January 19, 2015


For politicians who fail to act on climate change, Kelsey Juliana has a few words.

“I want to remind them that we are their employer,” said Juliana, 18, a native of Eugene, Oregon, and freshman at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina. “The government works for us. If you’re not doing your job, then I’m going to call you out on it.”

Those aren’t idle words, either. Juliana is a plaintiff in a potentially precedent-setting court case against Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber (D) and the state. She and co-plaintiff Olivia Chernaik, 14, claim that their government isn’t doing enough to protect its current and future citizens from the devastating effects of climate change.

via Teens Take Politicians To Court Over Climate Change.

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