Future Food 2050

Posted by Christine, April 21, 2015

A series of articles on various aspects of the relationship between food and agriculture on Future Food 2050:

Walmart targets climate-smart suppliers

The world’s largest grocer is exerting its influence on food companies to reduce their environmental impacts, says Walmart sustainability executive Kathleen McLaughlin. Kathleen McLaughlin When an Iowa corn and soy farmer named Tim Richter took the stage at a big sustainability conference organized last fall by Walmart, he had a message for the crowd gathered

Weed genes help boost crop resilience

Plant geneticist Susan McCouch sees weeds as part of the solution for adapting crops to thrive in hotter climates. Susan McCouch Photo Credit: Robert Baker, Cornell University Rice is one of the top three grains consumed worldwide, but global warming is threatening the crop’s ability to continue thriving in its current growing areas. Among the

Climate-smart agriculture from the ground up

Into the woods: The link between forests and food security

Uniting Africa to face climate change



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