Here’s How to Avoid Losing Half of Earth’s Species

Posted by Mike Confino, April 20, 2015


The creeping, crawling, flying, growing, flowering life on this Earth is going extinct at least 1,000 times more rapidly than if humans were absent from the scene. Some call this the sixth mass extinction.

The causes of the crisis are many: climate change, ocean acidification (it has triggered extinction before), habitat loss, deforestation, invasive species and even odd fungal diseases. Many of these factors are intertwined and complicated. So with creatures both adorable and ancient on the brink of disappearing from the Earth, and with countless, even nameless, others already gone, it could seem like now is the time to start accepting the idea of mass extinction. Or feel depressed.

via Here’s How to Avoid Losing Half of Earth’s Species | Smart News | Smithsonian.

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