News Media, There’s a War on Elephants. Act Like It.

Posted by Mike Confino, April 3, 2015

The slaughter of Africa’s elephants for their ivory is leaving a devastating number of casualties: some conservationists cite as many as 50,000 are being killed annually. It’s a full-on massacre. It’s a genocide, actually, if you are gutsy enough to call it what it is.

Getting ivory from an elephant takes effort, and brutality. Poachers are rampaging throughout the African continent with guns, grenades and poisoned spears, targeting elephants from Gabon to Mozambique to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the organization African Parks recently documented the massacre of 68 elephants. Not only did the poachers shoot some of the animals from helicopters and then hack off their tusks with chainsaws, they reportedly also took the elephants’ genitals – and brains.

via News Media, There’s a War on Elephants. Act Like It. | Christina M. Russo.

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