How to save the bees

Posted by Christine, May 4, 2015

Marla Spivak has a TED Talk about How to Save the Bees. It’s posted on Upworthy. Her solution involves flowers and plants — didn’t you want more of those anyway?

UPDATE: Since Spivak gave this talk, the U.S. EPA has put a moratorium on the use of neonics, the class of pesticides she describes. Some places have banned them. There’s even published scientific evidence that pollen from plants treated with neonics are actually preferred by bees. The scientists suggest that the bees get hooked on the nicotine, just like humans can. Some people are skeptical. But while the scientists, farmers, and pesticide companies are duking it out, we have plenty of reasons already to push for diversity in agriculture and to do all we can to support a healthy, flower-filled landscape full of bees.

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