Obama’s Catastrophic Climate-Change Denial

Posted by Mike Confino, May 13, 2015


The Obama administration’s decision to give Shell Oil the go-ahead to drill in the Arctic shows why we may never win the fight against climate change. Even in this most extreme circumstance, no one seems able to stand up to the power of the fossil fuel industry. No one ever says no.

By “extreme” I don’t just mean that Shell will be drilling for oil in places where there’s no hope of cleaning up the inevitable spills (remember the ineptness of BP in the balmy, accessible Gulf of Mexico, and now transpose it 40 degrees of latitude north, into some of the harshest seas on the planet).


Read more: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/05/13/opinion/obamas-catastrophic-climate-change-denial.html?referrer=&_r=0

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