Climate change threatens stability

Posted by Christine, July 14, 2015

Reuters reports: Governments should treat climate change as seriously as threats to national security or public health, partly by focusing more on the worst scenarios of rising temperatures, an international report said on Monday.

Crop failures, extreme heat waves or high rates of sea level rise could be so harmful that governments should examine even small chances of the most severe impacts, according to the study by about 60 experts from 11 nations.

“The risks of climate change should be assessed in the same way as risks to national security or public health,” according to the experts from countries that included Britain, the United States, China, Russia and India.

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News24 reports from Paris – Global warming-induced food and water shortages may cause mass migration, competition for resources and state failure, providing fertile ground for conflict and terrorism, analysts warned on Monday.

In a report titled: Climate Change, A Risk Assessment, a global team of scientists, policy analysts and financial and military risk experts painted a grim picture of mankind’s future on a much warmer planet.

As rising temperatures and sea levels shrink areas of productive land, humans will have reasons aplenty for warring with one another, they wrote – especially in already turbulent parts of the Middle East and Africa.

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