THIS IS CNN: Ex-Trump Adviser Jumps On Board

Posted by Talyn Brown-Wolf, March 10, 2017

CNN “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter on Sunday appeared struck by former Trump senior communications adviser Jason Miller arguing that anonymous sources providing information and materials to journalists are doing so in an effort to “attack the president.” … Stelter suggested that the motivations of sources may rather be to “inform people” and that perhaps these unnamed individuals were “whistleblowers.” He then asked Miller if the Trump team shares the view that such disclosures are “attacks.”.. “Well, they are,” Miller replied… Miller said Trump is “constantly being faced with these attacks from these nameless, faceless, anonymous sources, and expected to respond and defend himself.” And the media, he said, has a responsibility to draw “the line on these leaks and attacks that are coming at the president.”… Three days later, Miller joined the media as a paid contributor on CNN.

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