Award-Winning Filmmakers Submit New Films to Cinema Verde 2018

Posted by Daniel Salazar, November 22, 2017

Acclaimed director Scott E. Schimmel and Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker Mark Kitchell have submitted new films to Cinema Verde’s 9th Annual International Environmental Film & Arts Festival. Cinema Verde has not only screened their work in previous years, these filmmakers have personally attended the festival.

Scott E. Schimmel (left) at Cinema Verde’s 2017 International Environmental Film & Arts Festival (Photo by Gabriel Tyner)

Scott E. Schimmel is a Hawaii-based environmental scientist and documentary filmmaker. His work has been screened in numerous festivals around the world and received multiple awards and recognition. Last year, Waste Not Want Not, a 13-minute documentary on Alabama’s recycling industry, was an Official Selection in Cinema Verde’s 2017 Film & Arts Festival, to which Schimmel was an honored guest. The film depicts a state that has become overburdened with landfills, and it examines the reasons why Alabama continues to incentivize landfills rather than support an industry that is both more environmentally friendly and economically beneficial. Waste Not Want Not can be streamed for free on Southern Exposure through Vimeo.

My Garden No Longer, his new documentary on the impact of climate change on the people of Malekula Island in Vanuatu, has been submitted to Cinema Verde and is already an official selection in Ekotopfilm|Envirofilm 2017, the Humboldt International Film Festival, and the American Pavillion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. You can watch the trailer below.


Mark Kitchell is an acclaimed director, producer, and writer best known for Berkeley in the Sixties, which won the Sundance Audience Award in 1990, was nominated for an Academy Award, and has since become a widely beloved classic for its depiction of the protest movements of the 1960s. In 2013, A Fierce Green Fire: A Battle for A Living Planet was voted the Most Engaging film by the audience in Cinema Verde’s film festival, and though he was not able to physically attend, he spoke to the audience through a Skype call. The documentary was also screened in the Sundance Film Festival and Environmental Film Festival in 2012, and it has received acclaim internationally. Narrated by Robert Redford, Ashley Judd, Van Jones, Isabel Allende and Meryl Streep, the movie is the first big-picture exploration of the environmental movement, covering fifty years of activism at both the grassroots and global level, and tells the gripping story of people struggling to save their homes, their lives, and their future–and, against all odds, succeeding. Now, Kitchell has submitted his next film, Evolution of Organic, for consideration for Cinema Verde’s 2018 International Film & Arts Festival. A tale about the evolution of organic agriculture, you can learn about how what you can do to support the film’s creators on the film’s website.

You can watch A Fierce Green Fire: A Battle for A Living Planet‘s trailer on the film’s website or here below, and the film is available for streaming on Youtube, Amazon Video, Google Play, and iTunes.

You can also watch Evolution of Organic‘s trailer on its website.

We are honored to have such talented filmmakers submit their work to Cinema Verde again. Cinema Verde’s 9th Annual International Film & Arts Festival will be held on February 8th through February 11th, 2018.

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