Looking Back: The Human Experiment

Posted by Daniel Salazar, January 19, 2018

By Elliot Nasby and Daniel Salazar

The Human Experiment (2013), a Cinema Verde 2014 Official Selection, and winner of the Cinema Verde Health Award, has gone on to attract international attention for its educational take on an often ignored modern health crisis. Cinema Verde is proud to have hosted a film that has received such widespread acclaim.  

Directed by the joint effort of Dana Nachman and Don Hardy, the film criticizes the largely unregulated slew of chemicals seeping into consumers’ everyday products, homes, and bodily tissues in an artful blend of good journalism and eye-catching cinematography. Nachman, journalist turned documentary filmmaker, has claimed three Emmy Awards and Best Documentary Awards from both the Washington DC Independent Film Festival and the Cinequest Film Festival. Hardy likewise has won six Emmy Awards as well as several prestigious awards for his cinematic photography from such organizations as the Associated Press and National Press Photography Association. The Human Experiment is narrated by the voice of actor, producer, and political activist Sean Penn, known for his roles in acclaimed films such as Milk (2008) and Into the Wild (2007).

The Human Experiment (2013)

What Nachman and Hardy have created with The Human Experiment is a film that is not only educational but that has continued to spark discussion years after its debut. While it was released in 2013, the fiery debate over the environmental and social impact of chemicals is still burning. According to the film, 80,000 of such chemicals continue to dodge any sort of governmental regulation today. Godfrey Cheshire from RogerEbert.com has called the film “a heartening example of democracy in action… a useful tool for those involved in these multi-pronged battles,” as the film gives an intimate glimpse into how the lives of ordinary people are affected by this crisis and, as a result, decide to incite change from the grassroots level, together working to raise awareness about unregulated chemical use, carbon emissions, and social injustice.

Cinema Verde is proud to have screened such quality, conversation-sparking films like The Human Experiment. Stay tuned for the many high-caliber films to come at this year’s festival.

You can learn more about The Human Experiment on the film’s website. The film is available for streaming on Amazon Video, Vimeo, iTunes, Google Play, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, DirecTV, Xbox Video, and Vudu.

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