Chicks in Charge! Join the movement @ Cinema Verde Feb. 10!

Posted by Trish Riley, February 7, 2018

Learn more about the Goddess Retreat to Greece and Women’s Empowerment at Cinema Verde International Environmental Film and Arts Festival!

Femme in Film with Genevieve Curtis, Saturday, Feb 10 2:00 pm  Akira Workshop beside Heartwood Soundstage: Femme in Film Genevieve Curtis the organizer of Gainesville, Florida’s recent Women’s March will be hosting a fascinating workshop Femme In Film.  A woman’s story told in film is a powerful way to keep marching! Genevieve Curtis, is a Filmmaker and Artist with an M.A. from New York University in Digital Media and Film.  She is also an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications.

Intraterrestrial (56 min)*Screening: Saturday, February 10 Film Block 11:42-1:48PM* Directed by Alexander and Nicole Gratovsky.                                                                           

The Shore and the Ocean. The frozen and the fluid. The artificial and the genuine. Humans and dolphins. Two ways of life. Two mentalities. A dialogue about two world-systems. Is contact possible between them? Intraterrestrial – inhabitants of the Earth – not us OR them, but us WITH them.

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June 14, 2017

Plenty of people can see the U.S. – and much of the rest of the world – has gone off the rails. Our political leaders have resorted to obvious shenanigans to promote their ill-gotten gains at the expense of citizens they purport to protect. This is endemic worldwide.

Most of us have become slaves to their wealth, our children their soldiers in meaningless wars over oil and “resources.”

All of this a relentless quest in pursuit of masculine competitive instincts to win more and more money and Stuff.

History shows us how it happened. I have been late learning about this and I still have a much to study – there are many controversial claims – but it does seem to me that archaeologists and anthropologists have  been slow to recognize that until the advent of metal and weapons, societies across Europe lived peacefully for centuries in sustainable, egalitarian societies. Women were revered for their life-giving power and nurturing qualities.

But men sheathed in metal wanted more, more more… the precursors to the Harvard Business Model – profit at all costs, more each quarter – were the warriors who decimated the idyllic and thriving prehistoric community at Delos, Greece, obliterating a city and 20,000 lives in a day in 88BC.

Henceforth from that era, women have been subjugated, as we remain today.

Mary Rockwood Lane is on a quest to restore “The Divine Feminine” to its natural balance in her life and she wants to share that with other women. As co-founder of the world’s first Arts in Medicine program at Shand’s Hospital, University of Florida, Lane drove a movement to bring The Healing Arts

(Atria Books, 2013) into the hospital environment, introducing music and art to the sterile hospital wards, inviting patients to exorcise their stress through art as they undergo radiation treatments and surgery.

Now Lane has taken the movement at step further in the hope of awakening divine strength in women, assisting them to find and achieve their own goals in life, whether they’re facing health crises or the existential frustration of living for others instead of for themselves.

“We’re bringing accomplished women who work for their communities together and we’re going to visit these ancient temples where women were honored as priestesses in a cultural community of independent, free women,” says Lane. “Modern women going back to a place where women were honored. We’ll visit the ancient temples of Isis and Hera and remember and listen to the oracle at Delos. My intention is to help us hear the oracle within ourselves and be initiated as modern priestesses, honoring each other and what the goddesses mean to us now in our lives. Most of this has been obliterated and rewritten.”

Together with artist and spiritual leader Lisa Rasmussen, co-founder of  non-profits Art 4 All People created in 2012: and

Art is Moving: Arts in Healing in southern California, they’ve begun Artemis Sacred Journeys, inaugurating the company with a “Goddess Pilgrimage to the Island of Miracles,” a retreat to Greece. With five participants from Lane’s Gainesville, Florida community plus a few locals from Tinos, Greece, where Lane began establishing a home 20 years ago, the week-long retreat began with an introduction to the historic “sacred” sites of Kionia, in Tinos, and the nearby island of Delos, famous for its historic ruins where Goddess Artemis and God Apollo were born, according to Greek mythology. The pair reigned over a stunningly elaborate community know for its ecumenism and wealth, in the days of mortals.

The women joined Lane and Rasmussen to explore Delos and surrounding terrain to investigate the long lost presence of women who once thrived in these elaborate societies. Together the team hiked the ruins of the once worldly mecca of Greece where 40,000 are said to have lived a regal lifestyle of prosperity alongside many cultures and religions in a trading center that drew ships from all the civilized world. Until it was devastated by competitive despots.

The team employs the historic knowledge with the healing powers of art, meditation and yoga to awaken the Goddess strength in participants.

I had the pleasure to participate in Lane and Rasmussen’s inaugural voyage, and I’d like to help share the message to awaken women everywhere to our power to create a peaceful future.

Having joined the group in Greece following attendance at an international eco-film festival in Russia, it’s clear to me the people everywhere feel the same – we all want peaceful lives for our friends and families – and we do not as a whole represent the goals and objectives of the despots in political power.

Incorporating Goddess love with archaeological site explorations and mind/body strengthening exercises, the women form a formidable force for change fueled by love and the power to heal.

“We’ve all done different bodies of work, contributing to make the world a better place,” says Lane. “I want to initiate them into their lives.”

–Trish Riley is an environmental journalist and author and founding director of Cinema Verde Environmental Film and Arts Festival.

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