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Join our Sustainable Business Discount Coupon Directory and let us help bring customers your way. GoGreenNation.org is a website that provides information about green and sustainable businesses and issues to the public and the green community.

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We aggregate environmental news and highlight businesses with resources, news items, and more. We draw on national and international news about environmental issues through our network of correspondents, who represent national publications as well as sustainable businesses.

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We host Green Drinks” meetings locally at sustainable businesses like yours. This brings potential customers your way and lets our community know about your green initiatives. We are actively helping the Gainesville area create a more sustainable future. Your involvement will keep the momentum going. *Discount dinners for Green Drinks meetings help bring people to your door – hosts, please place an ad.*

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Trish Riley is author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Green Business and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Green Living as well as several books on eco-friendly travel. An award-winning environmental journalist, her work has been published in major newspapers, national and international magazines for 20 years. She is publisher of GoGreenNation.org and founding director of Cinema Verde.

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We offer affordable advertising – because we’re devoted to building the green business movement. Your business will benefit with more exposure and you’ll support the growth of our green community. A premium ad is a win-win for you and our community.We also offer paid postings ($25/month) for green job opportunities (free for job seekers), and paid landing pages for organizations serving the green community.


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We would like to invite green businesses or organizations to advertise on GoGreenNation.org. Please see our business guidelines below before filling out the form. Graphical advertisements that will appear on the right column of the home page and all news articles can be two sizes: 260×125 pixels ($200 per month or 6 months for $1000) for a more prominent display or 125×125 ($100 per month or 6 months for $500) for a more economical option. Ads may also be placed in the right column of the business directory, jobs board, and GoGreenNation forum for half of the home page price ($50/month for a large ad and $30/month for a smaller ad).


Advertise now: contact trish@gogreennation.org or call Trish Riley at 352-327-3560 for more information.

We would like to invite any green businesses or those interested in becoming sustainable (please see our criteria) to advertise on our site. Basic listings are free, but if you’d like better exposure and would like to support our efforts to bring together the green community, we’d appreciate your support with a Premium Listing. We’re also offering paid postings for green job opportunities (free postings for those seeking jobs), and paid landing pages for organizations serving the green community. We’re open to alternative arrangements, so let us know if you’ve got a proposal! You’re also more than welcome to upload information about your green events for free listings as well.

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Job listings appear on our jobs board and run for 30 days. Each 30-day job listing is $25. Click here to add your environmental job listing to the GoGreenNation.org Green Jobs Board.

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Hosting a green event? Add it to our community calendar for free. We’ll feature your event on our home page close to the date, add it to the calendar and maybe even write a blog post about it.

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Green Business Directory

Click here to add your sustainable business to the GoGreenNation.org business directory for free.

Guidelines for Listing Your Business

Interested in listing your business at GoGreenNation.org? We want you, too, provided you’re committed to sustainability.

Sustainability means “Life Forever” in sign language. In business, that means not sacrificing human or planetary health and safety in the name of profit. If your business is working toward adopting sustainable practices, we are here to support you.

Can you provide third-party certification from an accredited organization such as Green America, the US Green Building Council, the Florida Green Building Council, USDA, B Corporation or other organization? While we realize that all interested businesses may not have fully achieved certifiable sustainability, if you’re moving in the right direction, we want to help move you forward to a healthier future for all.

Please let us know how your company is addressing the tenets of sustainability. How are you reducing your carbon footprint and polluting activities? Are you cutting energy costs and emissions? Conserving water? Reducing waste? Do your policies begin with “Do No Harm?” Are you developing policies to protect your employees and customers? Sustainable businesses strive to achieve all of these goals and seek to raise the quality of life for workers and for consumers, helping to educate along the way toward lives designed to prosper with less goods and money, providing for less time spent at work and more time to spend with families or in creative and intellectual pursuits – a state that can only be beneficial for our society. Let us know how sustainable your business is, what you’re working toward, and how our green community can help you make it happen.


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