Meryl Streep’s Experiences With Violence Changed Her On A ‘Cellular Level’

The actress recalled her own harrowing encounters while speaking to journalists at an award ceremony.
Source: The Huffington Post

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Filmmakers from Previous Years Submit New Films to Cinema Verde 2018

Cinema Verde is incredibly excited to have received film submissions for its 9th annual film festival from filmmakers whose work we not only have shown in previous years, but who have personally attended the festival.
Peter J. Brown (left) at Cinema Verde’s 2012 Film & Arts Festival
Scott E. Schimmel is a Hawaii-based environmental scientist and documentary […]

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Cinema Verde 9th Year Anniversary Party

Come to Cinema Verde’s 9th anniversary celebration! There will be a water party/picnic on Santa Fe River followed by cocktails and a film screening at the art gallery. Located near Rum Island.


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‘The good Lord couldn’t get rid of them’: Louisiana’s quest to hunt the swamp rat

A new documentary, Rodents of Unusual Size, follows the hunters waging war against an invasive species that ‘put New York City sewer rats to shame.’

Source: The Guardian

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Hi Friends!
I hope you’re planning to join us to see An Inconvenient Sequel premiering in Gainesville on August 3! Cinema Verde will be there at 7 PM on Thursday, and we’d like to share a welcome as we begin our fall season leading up to the February festival. Please join us to share thoughts and ideas before the 7:45 film.
It’s at Butler Plaza: 3101 SW 35th Blvd, Gainesville, […]

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George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence and Matt Damon jostle for Oscar advantage in Venice line-up

Renowned in recent years as a key launchpad for heavyweight Oscar contenders, the 74th Venice film festival has unveiled a lineup heavy on potential award-season frontrunners, as films start to jockey for position in earnest.

Source: George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence and Matt Damon jostle for Oscar advantage in Venice line-up

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8th Annual Cinema Verde Environmental Film Festival Feb. 9-12

Contact: Trish Riley
Cell phone: 352.327.3560
Cinema Verde International Environmental Film and Arts Festival will be held February 9-12 at the historic Hippodrome in downtown Gainesville, Florida. The eighth annual festival will feature 45 films from all over the world […]

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At Sundance, the Theme Is Climate Change

LOS ANGELES — It certainly reads like a political statement: Next week, one day before Donald J. Trump takes the presidential oath of office, the Sundance Film Festival will open its 33rd edition with a climate-change documentary starring Al Gore… Mr. Trump has mocked the science of global warming as a Chinese hoax and selected […]

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100 Short Stories, At The Hippodrome Cinema |Cinema Verde

Cinema Verde 2017:  February 9 – 12 @ The Hippodrome Cinema
(Canada, 68 min) Directed by Neal Livingston – A collage ranging from the serious to the humorous. This original and engaging documentary tackles opinions regarding governance, public policy, and questions what are sound ideas socially, environmentally. and culturally in today’s society. It’s about predatory capitalism, renewable […]

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Bill Marshall, Toronto International Film Festival Co-Founder, Dies

William “Bill” Marshall, co-founder and chair emeritus of the Toronto International Film Festival, died on Sunday after suffering from cardiac arrest, his family confirmed in a press release. He was 77… Marshall’s family said he was a man “in the business of making dreams become reality,”

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If Leonardo DiCaprio’s Climate Doc Doesn’t Make You Care About The Planet, Nothing Will

Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t terribly optimistic throughout most of his new project, the climate change documentary “Before The Flood… He travels to some of the regions where climate change has hit hardest: Greenland’s melting ice, the rising seas consuming Kiribati and the world’s dying coral reefs.
…“Before the Flood” airs on the National Geographic Channel on Oct. […]

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PotLuck and Double Feature Tuesday!!!

Join us for Cinema Verde Meets Green Drinks Gainesville!
We will meet Tuesday, November 1st, at 6 PM for a
double feature movie and potluck dinner!
Come and enjoy!! Michael Moore and Leonardo DiCaprio films speak to our times… Cinema Verde is hosting a double feature; Michael Moore in Trumpland and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Before the Flood ! We’re […]

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‘An Inconvenient Truth’ Director Talks Climate and Change 10 Years After

A decade after its release,  An Inconvenient Truth  still resonates in the culture, its title shorthand for the climate crisis.a

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Cinema Verde

Warmly wishes you a joyful and peaceful holiday season!
CONGRATULATIONS to Cinema Verde 2016 Films and Directors!
Please see our 2016 FILMS & SCHEDULE at

Save the dates – February 11- 14, 2016
7th Annual Cinema Verde International
Environmental Film and Arts Festival
will be held at
The Hippodrome State Theater, Gainesville, FL

The first Wednesday of the new year,
Cinema Verde Meets […]

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Women write strong environmental works

The Women’s National Book Association held a panel:
On Wednesday, November 11, 2015, the WNBA-NYC chapter partnered with Pace University’s Dyson College to present the panel titled “Women Writing about the Environment: Strong Voices Impacting Change.” Andrew Revkin, Senior Fellow for Environmental Understanding at Pace University, moderated the panel that consisted of five strong-voiced women who […]

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Gainesville Native Creates Short Film About Daytona Drive-In Church | WUFT News

Lauren DeFilippo created her short film, “Clean Hands,” with a philosophy in mind: “Film what you love and hate at the same time,” she said.
The film features the Daytona Beach Drive-In Christian Church. DeFilippo said she felt the church was a cinematic experience and wanted to explore and share this spiritual experience through film.
“Clean Hands” premiered Oct. 29 at 7:30 p.m. at […]

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Green Drinks Meets Cinema Verde Sept. 2! Join Us!

Come join us for Welcome Back to School Night with a screening of Cinema Verde Audience Choice Award Winner, Confessions of an EcoTerrorist!

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Richard Sidey | Expedition Photography from Richard Sidey on Vimeo

Thanks to Ria Van Soestbergen for sharing this beautiful video of our Earth!

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More Than a Day at the Movies: Cinema Verde Film Festival

Romance wasn’t the only amore in the Alachua air on February 14th this year. At the Paramount Plaza Hotel and Suites, film fans and environmental enthusiasts gathered to celebrate a different kind of love: a passion for sustainability.
The sixth annual three-day Cinema Verde Festival offered audiences the chance to experience 40 different short and full-length […]

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Cinema Verde Brings Environmental Awareness to Local School

On Friday, April 17th, students at Gainesville’s Bishop Middle School had the opportunity to participate  in a day of watching environmental films to promote awareness and excitement for the quickly  approaching Earth Day.
Throughout the day, 7th grade science teacher Steven Doherty had an open  door policy and invited students to come watch some […]

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