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Google Reviewed 2017 And It’s Enough To Make Us All Cry

“This year more than ever we asked… how.”
Source: The Huffington Post

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5 Times Trump’s Pick For Top Environmental Adviser Struggled To Defend Her Climate Denial

Kathleen Hartnett White’s first Senate confirmation hearing on Wednesday was cringeworthy.

Source: The Huffington Post

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Climate change and the Republicans

Pete Dykstra of Daily Climate has some suggestions:
Back when he was a mere Reality TV star, Donald Trump published a less-than-140-character dissertation on climate change. “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” That tweet from Election Day, 2012, drew 40,000 retweets or likes.
His […]

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One-star reviews for national parks

You can’t please everyone. Tim Murphy of Mother Jones reports on one- and two-star reviews of national parks:
The National Park Service turns 99 years old on Tuesday. To celebrate, the Department of the Interior has waived admission fees for all NPS sites for the day. That’s a pretty sweet deal. You should stop reading this […]

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Chicken owners defy Tyson politics

In response to the situation described in the story below by BOB STUART,, from the News Virginian, local chicken advocates have organized.
Farmer and author Joel Salatin says the industry won and farmers lost.

“What happened tonight is a special protectionism to the industry that the citizen then has to be dependent on the industry and can’t […]

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Pete Dykstra writes on the nuances of ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming:’

Fixing climate change won’t be easy. In fact, we haven’t even stopped arguing about whether we should call it “climate change,” or “global warming,” or the new, dark-horse entry, “climate disruption.”

This isn’t good news, folks. It’s been more than two decades since the world’s scientists […]

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Pat Foreman on Backyard Chickens

Pat’s a good friend and a great advocate chickens and sustainable agriculture systems. Read on and see videos at the Times Dispatch and on Virginia This Morning:

Scientist and author Pat Foreman raises about 40 chickens on her small farm near Buena Vista.

Find out more
For details on classes and books, as well as other […]

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Comedy show takes on ag-gag laws

Al Madrigal, reporting for the Jon Stewart Show, lauds the American agriculture industry for protecting animals from people trying to protect the animals.

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Coop Tour Season!

Check for a coop tour in your area. There’s a list here.
Here’s a report on Raleigh, North Carolina’s, from
These models, covered in feathers, strutting down runways and largely ignoring their gawking admirers, were featured attractions Saturday along with their elaborate homes in the Tour D’Coop, a benefit for Urban Ministries of Wake County that […]

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Green Drinks March 6: Meet Nan Rich

Green Drinks Wednesday, March 6: There are so many cool things going on in our little town of Gainesville, sometimes it’s hard to decide what to do… Green Drinks is always the first Wednesday of the month, and in March, there’s something we think you won’t want to miss: Gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich is coming […]

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Carbon nation

carbon nation is an optimistic, solutions-based, non-preachy, non-partisan, big tent film that shows tackling climate change boosts the economy, increases national & energy security and promotes health & a clean environment. The film’s optimism and pragmatism are appealing across the political spectrum. While other good films have been about problems, blame and guilt, carbon nation […]

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Industry objects to the new f-word

By Jonathan Fahey, AP Energy Writer

NEW YORK — A different kind of F-word is stirring a linguistic and political debate as controversial as what it defines.
The word is “fracking” – as in hydraulic fracturing, a technique long used by the oil and gas industry to free oil and gas from rock.
It’s not in the dictionary, […]

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Mothering turkeys

To lift the lid on the lives of turkeys, naturalist Joe Hutto became a full-time “mother” to a brood of poults. What did he learn? He tells New Scientist:

You lived with wild turkeys in rural Florida for over a year. How did it all begin?
I had been experimenting with the imprinting phenomenon – in which […]

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San Luis Obispo joins plastic bag ban

Bob Cuddy reports in the SLO Tribune:
After a four-hour hearing that capped months of debate, the county’s little-known waste management board voted Wednesday evening to ban plastic shopping bags at most stores in San Luis Obispo County.
Unless blocked by litigation, which has already been threatened, or a referendum, retailers will not be permitted to distribute […]

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Doonesbury on climate change denial

Doonesbury characters speak out about climate change.

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Cartoonist presents arguments against power sources

The Union of Concerned Scientists presents Joe Heller’s take on the drawbacks of various energy sources.

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Mr. Peanut goes green

To promote the “peanut lifestyle” of giving back to the earth, the Nutmobile will appear at events to draw support for The Corps Network, a service and conservation agency that offers over 30,000 young people the chance to mobilize communities in projects that restore and maintain public and green spaces. Last year, the Corps Network […]

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Friday chuckles

This two-minute summary of COP 16 Cancun Climate Change Conference captures the action.
An EPA staffer told me this cartoon by Joel Pett hangs in the reception center.
Humor can be an effective way to communicate a serious message. More contributions welcome!

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Jeff Houck takes a look at 50 scientific discoveries of 2010

Here are a few that I find most interesting…. – TR
22 Oriental hornets become more active as the temperature rises because a yellow stripe on their abdomen gathers sunlight and harnesses it for energy.
23 Up to 90 percent of an antibiotic passes through the human body without metabolizing. Excreted antibiotics that enter streams and rivers […]

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Central Coast Book & Author Festival

Approximately 60 authors, illustrators, publishers and organizations will participate in this year’s festival, sponsored by the Foundation for San Luis Obispo County Public Libraries.

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