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Study Links Childhood Cancer and In-Home Pesticide Use

WASHINGTON – A new study by Harvard researchers provides disturbing evidence that children’s exposure to household insecticides is linked to higher risks of childhood leukemia and lymphoma, the most common cancers in children. The analysis also found an association between use of outdoor herbicides to lawns and gardens and higher risks of leukemia… “It is […]

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Surprising Ways Your Vacation Can Impact The Environment

What happens on vacation stays on vacation, right? Well, if you’re talking about the impact of your vacation footprint, almost the exact opposite is true. We’ve partnered with Harrah’s Resort SoCal to share some surprising stats about how you’re expending energy on your trips ― and exactly how you can make a difference the next […]

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Wind Powered Car

We don’t live near a Supercharger; we don’t even live near a Destination Charger. The nearest Tesla Service Center is 372 miles away in Highland Park, IL… We took a chance when we bought our Tesla, and it’s paying off because our power comes from the wind. Our residential sized turbine captures wind from Lake […]

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What A Resort And Casino Can Teach You About Saving The Planet

Saving the planet isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a resort and casino. Or likely the second or the third thing. It’s a business that runs 24 hours a day, seven days of the week. And casinos tend to be well-lit to say the least… But there’s no excuse […]

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This Is Not A Drill, Help Stop The Sabal Trail Pipeline

Direct Action to stop the Sabal Trail pipeline has begun and needs your help

Call to Action: Join us at Sunrise on Saturday, Nov 26, for direct action. Park at Guy Lemmons boat ramp, northwest of the 129 bridge over the Santa Fe River, near Branford. Bring a canoe or kayak.


Over the first week of November, […]

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Genetically Engineered Trees Condemned in Region known as “Ground Zero” for Their Development


For Immediate Release – 21 October 2016
Genetically Engineered Trees Condemned in Region Known as “Ground Zero” for Their Development


North Myrtle Beach, SC– In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, which made landfall only days before, strategies to stop the development of genetically engineered trees (GE trees) were the topic at a meeting that brought Indigenous Peoples, scientists, ecologists, and […]

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