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Join Greenway Challenge and help pull invasive Caesar’s Weed and Coral Ardisia at this week’s Give Back Thursday!

Starts at 9:00 am.

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House of horrors: inside the US wildlife repository – photo essay

Resources to catch smugglers are also stretched at American ports and airports. And the situation could deteriorate further – the Trump administration has requested that the FWS budget be cut next year, resulting in more than 300 staff losing their jobs.
Source: House of horrors: inside the US wildlife repository – photo essay

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France Declares All New Rooftops Must Be Topped With Plants Or Solar Panels | CSGlobe

A new law recently passed in France mandates that all new buildings that are built in commercial zones in France must be partially covered in either plants
Source: France Declares All New Rooftops Must Be Topped With Plants Or Solar Panels | CSGlobe

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Scientists May Be ‘Vastly’ Underestimating The Extinction Risk Facing Some Species

A new Columbia University study is challenging the accuracy of methods used by the IUCN to determine conservation status.
The IUCN Red List paints a grim picture of the biodiversity loss we are facing as a planet. In 2016, tens of thousands of mammals, birds, insects, plants and other organisms were found to be under threat […]

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Scott Administration Helped Keep Scathing EPA Pipeline Report Out Of Legal Challenge

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott’s top environmental agency helped block a scathing federal report outlining environmental concerns from being submitted as part of a challenge to a controversial natural gas pipeline that would run across some of Florida’s most “environmentally sensitive areas”… The Sabal Trail pipeline, a joint venture of Spectra Energy, Duke Energy and […]

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Why It’s So Hard To Save An Endangered Species

Green groups hailed it as “big news for a little porpoise.” With just 60 animals left in the wild and the threat of extinction looming, governments had finally banded together in an effort to save the vaquita, the most endangered marine mammal on Earth… Urgent conservation measures to protect the creature were approved at the […]

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Beavers add water to dry landscape

Alastair Bland writes for Water Deeply:
On California’s central coast, a region that usually receives drenching rainfall or fog for most of the year, some forests are now as arid as a desert. Streams that once ran at least at a trickle through summer have vanished in the ongoing drought, and environmentalists and fishermen fear that […]

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More Than A Third Of The Coral Is Dead In Parts Of The Great Barrier Reef

Huge portions of the structure have been damaged by the area’s biggest bleaching event ever.

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Restoring the Everglades will benefit both humans and nature

Restoring the Everglades will benefit both humans and nature
The park and the wider Everglades ecosystem have suffered immense ecological damage from years of overdrainage to prevent flooding and promote development.
via Restoring the Everglades will benefit both humans and nature.

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‘Stockbroker’s Bible’ Just Told Oil Industry To Accept Its Demise

Coming from the Financial Times, that’s a sobering wake-up call.

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Our Most Iconic Places Are Under Dire Threat From Climate Change

A new report finds World Heritage sites around the globe may vanish from our warming planet.

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Rising CO2 hurts bees

How Rising CO2 Levels May
Contribute to Die-Off of Bees
As they investigate the factors behind the decline of bee populations, scientists are now eyeing a new culprit — soaring levels of carbon dioxide, which alter plant physiology and significantly reduce protein in important sources of pollen.
by lisa palmer for Yale 360
Specimens of goldenrod sewn into archival […]

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Tigers confiscated from Tiger Temple

Sharon Guynup reports for National Geographic:

PUBLISHED June 2, 2016

Thailand’s controversial Tiger Temple is losing its tigers.

The monastery and popular tourist attraction, the focus of allegations of animal abuse and trafficking for 15 years, was raided this week by authorities who planned to remove all 137 tigers held at the temple, three hours northwest of Bangkok.

The […]

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Wild Life Crime Just Got Personal

“This year, six UNEP Goodwill Ambassadors and many others will lead a global charge through the campaign to encourage everyone, everywhere to use their own powerful spheres of influence to spark involvement and pledges for no killing, buying, gift giving, trafficking, weak governance or turning a blind eye. Let’s all join together to be part […]

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Squid flourish in warming ocean

Tuesday, 24 May 2016, from the University of Adelaide:

Unlike the declining populations of many fish species, the number of cephalopods (octopus, cuttlefish and squid) has increased in the world’s oceans over the past 60 years, a University of Adelaide study has found.
The international team, led by researchers from the University’s Environment Institute, compiled a global […]

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California’s colorful despite drought

Sara Aminzadeh calls it out for Popular Resistance:
As the drought continues, Californians are stepping up to conserve water, and collectively exceeded Gov. Brown’s 25 percent reduction mandate in June 2015. Nonetheless, water-intensive lawns and other hallmarks of an English garden-style landscape still remain a huge draw on our state’s dwindling water supply.

Outdoor watering accounts for about half of residential […]

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Bryan Nelson reports for Mother Nature Network : 

It’s been said that we know more about the heavens above than we do about the deep sea here on Earth. Take a look at this creature and you might have a hard time guessing if it was filmed by a submersible or a spacecraft.
The footage was captured […]

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Rising Sea Levels Made This Republican Mayor A Climate Change Believer

A man moves to a city in Florida and decides he wants to be mayor. He wins the election. He’s happy. Then he’s told his city is slowly going underwater. Not financially. Literally.

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New Documents Show Oil Industry Even More Evil Than We Thought

Oil companies’ coordinated cover-up of climate risks stretches back decades and rivals that of big tobacco companies.

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Water Scarcity Could Shrink Economies By Mid-Century: World Bank

The report attributes growing water scarcity to climate change.

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