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‘Breatharian’ couple survives on ‘the universe’s energy’ instead of food

A “Breatharian” mom and dad of two have barely eaten for nine years as they live off “the universe’s energy.” Husband and wife Akahi Ricardo and Camila Castello believe that food
Source: ‘Breatharian’ couple survives on ‘the universe’s energy’ instead of

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Solar Power Will Kill Coal Faster Than You Think

Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s outlook shows renewables will be cheaper almost everywhere in just a few years.
Source: Solar Power Will Kill Coal Faster Than You Think

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California’s colorful despite drought

Sara Aminzadeh calls it out for Popular Resistance:
As the drought continues, Californians are stepping up to conserve water, and collectively exceeded Gov. Brown’s 25 percent reduction mandate in June 2015. Nonetheless, water-intensive lawns and other hallmarks of an English garden-style landscape still remain a huge draw on our state’s dwindling water supply.

Outdoor watering accounts for about half of residential […]

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Green graves

Grist reports on greening your funeral:
As the sole species responsible for filling the oceans with plastic, pumping the atmosphere full of pollution, clear cutting the world’s forests, and bringing about what could be the sixth great mass extinction, it’s perhaps fitting that when we die, we turn our own corpses into toxic flesh bags that ensure ecological […]

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The Monarch Manifesto

From the David Suzuki Foundation
By David Suzuki
Jode Roberts has spent a lot of the summer checking out ditches and fields along the sides of roads, railways and trails. At first, he didn’t like what he was seeing. Roberts, who is leading the David Suzuki Foundation’s effort to bring monarchs back from the brink, was searching […]

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7 Ways to Be Less Wasteful This Holiday Season

Piles of food, piles of presents, piles of holiday guests—it all adds up to piles of waste. And while the wrappings and boxes might temporarily make great playthings for your cats, what do you do with it all? And how do you make sure there is less of it to begin with?
1. Be creative in […]

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Pitch in!

Thanks to Susan Schneider for bringing attention to these wonderful historical reminders.
Are You Doing Your Share?

I was simply delighted to find the National Agricultural Library (NAL) collection of War-era Food Posters available online. The physical collection was on display a couple years ago. Beans Were Bullets was an exhibit that “examined the evolution of poster styles, propaganda […]

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Food recovery reduces waste

Last year, the LL.M. Program in Agricultural & Food Law at the University of Arkansas School of Law began the  Food Recovery Project.  The goal of this Project is to raise awareness of two fundamentally irreconcilable problems: the overwhelming waste of food and the persistent problem of hunger in America. The project is designed to […]

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Food New Year’s Resolutions

By Danielle Nierenberg on Food Tank:
As we enter 2014, there are still nearly one billion people suffering from hunger. Simultaneously, 65 percent of the world’s population live in countries where obesity kills more people than those who are underweight. But these are problems that we can solve and there’s a lot to be done in the new year!
2014 was declared the International […]

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Farmer’s markets: How does this work?

Michael Ruhlman writes on his blog:
Toward the end of Forrest Pritchard‘s memoir Gaining Ground, about his becoming a livestock farmer, he writes a chapter that I want to call attention to, and expand on, as we are now at the height of farmers’ markets, and this is in fact national farmers market week. I requested […]

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Sustainable Brew- USGBC heart of Florida Chapter

Meeting with Ryan Davis of EnergyIT and Gainesville Green an online tool that provides G-villians acccess to data on their home energy consumption.

Leonardo’s 706, 706 W University Ave Gainesville, FL 32601

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Rachel Berman: Foraging the Farmer’s Market

With the warm weather comes a plethora of farmer’s markets that sprout up every spring. They can be an overwhelming experience, with so many stands and fresh produce to navigate. You may find yourself puzzled and going home empty-handed, or on the other hand, buying foods you’re unsure how to use, leading to waste. So […]

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Tips for Growing Food in a Small Space

You may be worried that because you have a small yard or even just a front porch, growing your own food is out of reach. That, however, is not the case. Plenty of options exist for growing food. Greg Peterson, an expert gardener and gardening instructor in Phoenix, advocates keeping it simple, especially when gardening in […]

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Coop Tour Season!

Check for a coop tour in your area. There’s a list here.
Here’s a report on Raleigh, North Carolina’s, from
These models, covered in feathers, strutting down runways and largely ignoring their gawking admirers, were featured attractions Saturday along with their elaborate homes in the Tour D’Coop, a benefit for Urban Ministries of Wake County that […]

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Composting 101 Workshop at Cymple Gardens

Hoping to start composting but not sure where to begin?
Already composting but not getting the results you want?
Want answers to your composting questions?

Come to Cymple Gardens (formerly Gardener’s Edge) Sunday May 19 for an intimate, 1-hour workshop led by Compost Experience Officer Chris Cano of Gainesville Compost.

You’ll learn in one hour what has taken us […]

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Bike To Work Day 2013: Tips For A Green Commute

There’s never been a better time to consider walking, public transportation — or the greenest, most efficient form of transport: cycling.
Once a novelty of the Industrial Revolution, bicycles now supply millions of people with efficient, healthy, pollution-free daily transportation. Bicycles can reduce traffic congestion and noise. You can park a dozen bikes in the space […]

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Environmental impact of spending time at the beach can be minimized

For the environmentally conscious, however, a beach vacation is sometimes fraught with guilt. Few places exhibit man’s encroachment on nature more clearly than a beach.
So what can you do to minimize your impact on beaches, without denying your children their fundamental right to boogie board? It turns out that much of what you can do […]

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Choosing Greener Spring Cleaners

To lead a healthy life, we all need a healthy planet. As I do my spring cleaning this year, I’m trying to keep that simple principle in mind.
It turns out that many cleaning products are far from earth-friendly. But my writing pal Trish Riley, an environmental journalist and coauthor of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Greening […]

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20 Unusual Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Have you added coconut oil into your daily healthy and beauty routines, yet?
Coconut oil is an incredibly versatile item to stock in your pantry and among your toiletries. Its healthy fats bring with them a host of health benefits. Incorporate the following 20 uses into your lifestyle and you’ll know how to take care of daily […]

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Expert Green Living Ideas

Trish Riley has written a great deal of information to educate people about living green. Some of her most notable are the books The Complete Idiots Guide to Green Living and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Greening Your Business. These books provide an abundance of green living tips to help anyone have a greener, healthier life.
Trish began her writing […]

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